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International Living Classifieds Pricing and Discounts

Advertise on International Living’s Classified Website for $67.95 or Less a Month

Place your Classified ad with us for just US$67.95 per month. The cost includes up to 500 words and up to eight graphics or pictures. If you’d like to run your ad for longer than one month, you’ll benefit from our long-term placement pricing and discounts.

International Living Classifieds Pricing and Discounts

Cost Savings
1 Month $67.95 -
3 Months $183 10%
Monthly Auto Renew $37.95 40%

Payment for all ads is collected through PayPal, a secure and easy way to make payment. You do not need to have a PayPal account nor do you need to set up a PayPal account to make payment, you can simply input your credit card details. However, anyone choosing the auto renew option must have a PayPal account.

Multiple Ads with New Membership Packs

For advertisers who are interested in multiple listings we have brand new membership packs available. The membership packs allow you to post multiple ads for a fixed term and price. Find out more about our membership packs by contacting advertising@internationalliving.com and maximise your presence on the International Living Classified Site.

Sponsored Ad

Increase your visibility and make your ad stand out with a sponsored ad. Sponsored ads are the 125×125 banner images in the sidebar. Get a sponsored ad for an additional $100 per month. Contact advertising@internationalliving.com for details.

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Your Online Classifieds are Winners!

“I was sceptical about how effective a classified ad would be to sell my house in Mexico. But I am here to testify that in fewer than 3 months I had more than 100 inquiries thanks to IL classifieds, and today I sold my house!”
-- Barbara Bode, Merida, Mexico