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Croatia! Perfect husband/wife opportunity to take over profitable, annual, native English tourist publication group.  - N/A Listing ID: 1539

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Croatia is now firmly on the international tourist map with more than 50 million visitors a year.  Split is booming, with more than 250 restaurants, new hotels, the best island ferry connections and more.  With the only copyrighted map of the actual Palace of Diocletian inside every DiscoverSplit, and being the only native, once a year, English newspaper, its success has multiplied each year and now after a decade, the "brand" is well known and respected.

Currently operated by my wife and myself, a new owner can do the same--this is a business that requires no employees and takes only 3 months of work, giving you 9 months to enjoy.  Terrific renewal rates, our designer and printer and accountant have been with us since the start, so getting acclimated will be simple and trouble-free.  And, of course, we will stay on with the new owner for a year to make sure the transition is smooth.  

Joining DiscoverSplit are other Discovers that serve island tourism on Hvar, Korcula and Solta.  Having secured the websites for other "Discovers" in the most popular cities, future expansion is also secure.  

If you would like to know more, and are serious, please e mail or call.  After a decade of living here we have now decided to focus our attention on sustainable development/agriculture and other initiatives.

The business: Radionica Ideja d.o.o., company registered in Croatia

In business for 9 years, clear history, no debt, no arrears.
Focus is publication of free, annual tourist newspapers, written in native English, free.  Each paper is supported by the local city tourist office (giving the right to their content and photos and their logo which shows they support the project, which tourists like to see!). 

Each year, only 10-20% of the publication changes, since What to see and do, Getting around, and other pages rarely change.  Most of the changes are new photos, new Restaurant ads and updating any new "events" or features that are now part of the tourist experience in that city.


Income is generated 100% from advertising. Renewal rates are 80-90%.

Additional funding from Dalmatia county and Split Tourist boards. Use of these funds are not restricted. We invoice, they pay. This support began in 2016 and has continued since--we will assume it will be permanent. Increases can be asked for, however.

Clients billed 50% up front, balance before publication
Total bad debt over 9 years totals less than $6,000.
Printing is largest expense, about $10,000
Distribution to ferry passengers is $2,000 per year.
Distribution of all other papers/Guides is done by owners, 2 hours/day June l -Oct. l
The only other cost is design: $2,000 per year depending on new projects.

Existing format makes changes simple and fast,
once a year publication requires less time

All newspapers have same format/design. 2/3 page editorial, 1/3 advertising
Each has been published each year for 5 years or more


--20 pages, 100,000 copies 
--12-16 pages, 50,000 copies 
--8 pages 12,500-20,000 copies
DiscoverSplit Central Dalmatia/SplitTravel Guide
--100-136 pages, 50,000 copies 

Published every other year
--8 pages 15,000 copies 

Income (official currency is kuna, about 6 to $1)

2017  655,000 kn, $109,000
2016: 518.310 kn  $  86,000
2015: 236.589 kn  $  39,000 
2014: 177.682 kn  $  29,000

Reported net profit

2017 106,831 kn  $17,000
2016   64.527 kn  $10,000
2015   50.781 kn  $  8,000
2014   10.921 kn  $  1,500

Tax rate:  12% of net profit

List of Discover newpapers,
--own the registered domain or copyright
discoverhvar copyrighted name
discoversolta copyrighted name
--and others

Cost of living info:

Ave. annual salary of Croatians:  $12,000
Ave. cost of apartment rental, monthly:  $400
Health care:  $20 per month
Car insurance:  $450