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Historic Rammed Earth Farmhouse

  • Historic Rammed Earth Farmhouse
  • New Adobe House (front)
  • New Adobe House (side view)
  • New Adobe House & Fountain
  • Stone Fountain (with bear heads)
  • Back Entrance of Historic Farmhouse
  • Street Entrance and Rock Path
  • Hummingbird Bathroom Window


We offer two traditional Ecuadorian rural dwellings for sale: a historic 90+ year old rammed earth farmhouse, with 27½-inch walls, large verandas and a beehive (pizza) oven in the kitchen, and a new 2-storey adobe house, with 18-inch walls, exposed 100-year old beams, wooden veranda and 2 nd floor balcony. Both earthquake-proof houses have Spanish tile roofs, ornate iron door and window security bars, nichos, skylights, exposed lintels and hand-made doors. They’re complemented by a historic undershot water wheel grain mill (easily converted to a mini hydro-electric generator powering the entire compound) and new woodstove-heated cedar sauna bath. The family compound, social community or potential bed and breakfast provides a self-sufficient organic permaculture lifestyle, with extensive raised-bed and field row organic gardens/orchards and chicken coop filled with layers.

The property was originally part of Hacienda Molino, a 100,000+ hectare farm owned by the same family for 400+ years and still in operation directly across the cobblestoned street. The farmhouse, originally occupied by the town miller and his family, has 2 - 3 bedrooms, depending on distribution (easily converted to 3 townhouses), 2 new, full baths (1 with cast iron tub), a large country kitchen with built-in window seat, study/living room, with open fireplace and its own balcony, laundry room and large external wooden verandas. The adobe house, built in 2016, has 1 very cozy bedroom, 2 full baths (1 directly across from the sauna to facilitate ease of bathing), a ½ guest bathroom, 2 living rooms, study and open plan kitchen/dining room, laundry/storage area, wooden veranda and balcony to hang hammocks from and the constant relaxing sound of running water from the stone and brick irrigation canals that wrap around the front and side of the house.

The approximately 1-acre property, whose perimeter is secured with 2.4 meter rammed earth walls, has irrigation canals that wind through gardens and orchards, supplying constant and ample water from the main stone/cement irrigation canal that channels a river flowing off of the mountain behind us, a new 24 meter³ ceramic tile in-ground cistern and water filtration/purification system, new sewage system connected to town facilities, 50-gallon hot water heater, 3 infinity on-demand hot water heaters, a woodburning stove, 1 open fireplace chimney, WiFi and a large adobe tool/storage shed with new, large water pump and Spanish tile roof. The compound has 2 external vehicle gates and 2 pedestrian doors to/from the cobblestoned streets, parking for 8 – 10 cars, old stone walls, paths, benches, bridges and an antique carved stone fountain with 3 bear-heads and electric pump. The property is serviced with town water ($3/month), electricity and garbage collection; the annual taxes are $250.

The property is situated in El Quinche (, an hour northeast of Quito, the historic Incan, Spanish and present-day Ecuadorian capital, an easy 20-minute drive from the new Mariscal Sucre International Airport (we can watch the planes land at the airport in the valley below but hear none of the noise) and a 5-minute walk to the center of town, daily farmer’s market, 3 supermarkets and shops and services. We’re 1 hour from Otavalo (the world-famous indigenous market) and Cotacachi (a leather-goods center) and 40 minutes from Papallacta, an upscale mineral hot springs/spa.

El Quinche is the home of 5 pre-Incan indigenous tribes, whose descendants continue to observe their traditional culture, festivals, dances and religious practices centered on the Sanctuary of the Virgin of El Quinche. Located at 2,600 meters, with a daily temperature variation of 45° – 75° F, it’s sunny most of the year and has a temperate climate.  The soil is well-drained, black, friable and very fertile, being volcanic in origin. Anything other than tropical crops grows exuberantly throughout the year. Our very competent and inexpensive gardener ($386/month) will continue to maintain the gardens and property to their present productive and lush standard if you wish to continue to employ her.

The 9 raised-bed organic vegetable gardens produce an abundant year-round harvest of tomatoes, cauliflowers, broccolis, carrots (yellow and orange), potatoes (red, yellow and ullucu), 2 varieties of sweet potatoes, radishes, beets (red and orange), zucchinis (yellow and green), squash, chilis, onions, garlic, running and pole beans (green, yellow, purple), 3 varieties of kidney beans, lima beans, chochos, sweet peas (green & purple) 5 varieties of lettuce, cabbage (green and red), brussel sprouts, kale, mustard, 2 varieties of spinach, horseradish, bok choy and chard (green, yellow, orange and red).

The organic orchards include 4 avocado trees (3 of them are 90+ year old legacy trees, producing hundreds of large, delicious fruit), 6 mandarin oranges, 7 lemons, 1 grapefruit, 3 apples, 7 peaches, 8 plums, 7 apricots, 4 guavas, 3 guabas, 2 nisperos, 2 feijoas, 1 pomegranate, 4 figs (1 is a 90+ year legacy tree, producing huge amounts of very succulent, sweet figs), 9 capulis (a sweet/sour cherry), 2 Chinese cherries (extremely high in vitamin C), and 5 mulberry trees. Berry bushes and vines include granadillas, taxos, blackberries, raspberries and uvillas (Golden Fruit).

Herbs and teas include rosemary, thyme, rue, lemon verbena, elderberry, echinacea, chamomile, mint, lemon grass; and the property is covered with flowers.

The protected, private, park-like grounds and lush secret gardens attract many types of birds, including 5 varieties of humming birds (that love the nectar of the 16 red bottle brush tree flowers that are always in bloom), warichurus and a crimson-mantled Andean woodpecker that wakes us every morning.

If you have always dreamt of an organic and inexpensive lifestyle property in Latin America in a beautiful park-like setting, living in an historic rammed earth Spanish-style farmhouse or traditional-style adobe house with antique exposed beams, with room for extended family and friends to join you in your retirement or new life, close to a historic and culturally vibrant capital city, this is the property for you. We welcome your visit and inquiries (+593-98-965-5243 or For more pictures, please see